Byungjun Kim

I am currently a MS/PhD student at Seoul National University(SNU), advised by Hanbyul Joo. I'm interested in 3D human modeling in generative model perspective.

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GALA GALA: Generating Animatable Layered Assets from a Single Scan
Taeksoo Kim*, Byungjun Kim*, Shunsuke Saito, Hanbyul Joo
CVPR, 2024
[ Project Page / Code / arXiv ]

We present GALA, a framework that takes as input a single-layer clothed 3D human mesh and decomposes it into complete multi-layered 3D assets.

PEGASUS PEGASUS: Personalized Generative 3D Avatars with Composable Attributes
Hyunsoo Cha, Byungjun Kim, Hanbyul Joo
CVPR, 2024
[ arXiv ]

We present, PEGASUS, a method for constructing personalized generative 3D face avatars from monocular video sources.

gtu Guess The Unseen: Dynamic 3D Scene Reconstruction from Partial 2D Glimpses
Inhee Lee, Byungjun Kim, Hanbyul Joo
CVPR, 2024
[ Coming soon! ]

We present Guess The Unseen, a method to reconstruct the world and multiple dynamic humans in 3D from a monocular video input.

Chupa Chupa: Carving 3D Clothed Humans from Skinned Shape Priors using 2D Diffusion Probabilistic Models
Byungjun Kim*, Patrick Kwon*, Kwangho Lee, Myunggi Lee, Sookwan Han, Daesik Kim, Hanbyul Joo
ICCV, 2023   (Oral Presentation)
[ Project Page / Code / arXiv ]

We propose Chupa, a 3D human generation pipeline that combines the generative power of diffusion models and neural rendering techniques to create diverse, realistic 3D humans.

SLiDE SLiDE: Self-supervised LiDAR De-snowing through Reconstruction Difficulty
Gwangtak Bae, Byungjun Kim, Seongyong Ahn, Jihong Min, Inwook Shim
ECCV, 2022
[ arXiv ]

We propose a novel self-supervised learning framework for snow points removal in LiDAR point clouds.

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